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Jul 15, 2009 at 6:29 AM

WoWVoiceBox Alpha 3 released!

Edit 3: Alpha 3 is released, which should fix the crash on loading for those using non-US versions of Vista. Download link is on page 2.

Edit 2: I've released Alpha 2. Please see post #31 for details!

Edit 1: I've got it up as a test version on Sourceforge now. Here is the link: Included in the download are three files: the program, the command configuration XML file and a small HTML user guide. I would suggest having a look at the user guide before you start. For those interested in the source, it's available in the project's SVN repository.

Please download it and let me know how it goes! If you run in to trouble, the more information you can provide, the better. Try to tell me details about your system, what you were trying to do and what didn't work, as well as any information about other third party software you're using such as Keyclone. If you have ideas on how to improve it, I'm definitely interested. For feedback, you can either drop me a PM, post in this thread or email anozireth AT yahoo DOT com (please put "voicebox" somewhere in the subject line). My goal is to make this as useful as possible, so all the feedback I get is important!

Original post follows (some information may be out of date):

Hi everyone. I've almost gotten my voice recognition program to the point that I'm ready to send it out to a few people for a small alpha test. It allows for key presses and macros to be mapped to voice commands. It also allows voice control of in-game chat channels, so you can chat directly without having to pause what you're doing. All commands can be either broadcast to all copies of WoW (via your normal software key broadcaster) or sent only to the focused window.

Here's what I'm looking for in a tester:
  • Multiboxing
  • Running Vista 32 or 64 with SP1 (XP support may come later)
  • Running a software key broadcaster (ones other than keyclone would be nice to see how it works with those)

Currently all the commands are manually set up in XML, so it would probably be helpful for testers to be familiar with XML. Not a requirement though as I'm writing a manual that hopes to explain how to set it up. Eventually I want to have a nice user interface for editing the commands.

Some things I would like to get tested:
  • Does it run on your system?
  • Does it affect your system performance?
  • Does it play nice with Ventrilo?
  • Does the user interface get in your way?
  • Does the broadcast feature work properly with your key broadcaster?
  • Testing with another game would be cool too

I'm hoping to have it ready tonight or tomorrow. I haven't yet set up a website for it (sourceforge takes a few days to activate), so I would have to email it to those interested at this point. Source code included upon request (it's a mess at this point ). I'm only looking for about half a dozen testers at this point, so please note that I may not be able to let everyone in on it if demand is higher.

Post here with any questions, or send me a PM with an email address if you'd like to help test it.